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Jenny Hill - Education Studies Co-ordinator - Storytelling

Jenny Hill is an educator and professional storyteller with extensive experience in performance, education and community projects.  Originally teaching in London in a State school Jenny has had a love of Waldorf Education since 1982 and worked in Steiner classrooms with students from Kindergarten to High School as well as in an administrative role.  She has a deep interest in the therapeutic potential of stories, listening to their resonances, and their reflective qualities. She is co-ordinator of ‘The Story Studio’ and runs workshops and training programs for adults.

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Mark Phillips  - Waldorf Education
The Curriculum Journey Course Coordinator Mark Phillips has been a High School and Primary School teacher for 26 years.  The last 12 years have been as Class teacher at The Perth Waldorf School.  Mark is passionate about Waldorf Education and sees it as providing the warmth, wisdom and vitality needed for children and teachers in our modern world.

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​Paul Lawrence - Music - Music History 

Paul has studied music since childhood and is also a qualified Alexander Technique teacher. He has been teaching music in Waldorf Schools for thirteen years and helped to establish music programs in West Coast Steiner School, Silver Tree Steiner School and most recently at Perth Waldorf School, where he is currently working full-time as Music Coordinator. He has written many children songs and composed music for various festivals. 

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John Stubley, PhD

John is a writer, social process facilitator and adult educator. His prose, journalism, poetry and essays have been published in various anthologies, magazines, journals, newspapers and websites around the world. He has a PhD in English literature. John worked for three years in the YouthSection at the Goetheanum, completing an individual studies in living thinking and the resurrection of the word. He is the founder of the Centre for Social Poetry, and co-founder of various cultural and economic initiatives including Occupy the Future, RePerth and MacroScope Solutions. 

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Sharon Clifford

I am a mother of a 19yr old daughter, I live near the coast, I love nature in all it’s many forms and wonders.  I work in a variety of professions, my most important being as an artist.  I have developed an ongoing study of colour, I create artworks and teach artistic classes and techniques to adults. What interests me artistically is colour – how it lives and breaths within us and around us.  I question what the unique nature of colour is and to work with this in my practice, alone and with others.  This question has led me on a journey visiting Rudolf Steiner’s work on Goethe’s Theory of Colour, exploring Gerard Wagner, Liane Collot d’Herbois and Gladys Mayer.

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Tom Muller
In a number of senses Tom Mùller is a big picture artist. Globalisation, the environment, space and time all fascinate him. He seems to prefer vast data sets, expansive geographies, sweeping timeframes and sequences of history. And yet, at the same time, Mùller is attentive to fine detail, to the specificities of things local, to the poetry of small, momentary and fleeting things that resonate. In this big picture sense Mùller is interested in structures, processes and dynamics.
In 2012 Mùlller received a Mid-career Fellowship from the Department of Culture and the Arts, and has been awarded numerous Australia Council grants over the last ten years. Tom is currently the Director and Curator of PS Art Space in Fremantle, and the founder of Agency 296 - an art & design studio with a practice that combines a broad range of disciplines including public art, temporary installations, design and architecture.

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Dale Irving

Dale Irving is an arts' educator and drama teacher who has worked in public education for over four decades advocating for the importance of the arts to enrich the lives and learning of students. Her partner, John Taylor, introduced her to Steiner Education and Anthroposophy, which she continues to explore, now with a keen interest in Biography Counselling.

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Lesley Cotter - Sculpture

​Sculpture helps to develop artistic perception, strong will and an understanding of form. Working with the polarities of convex and concave, contraction and expansion, gravity and levity, spherical and angular we will experience the form-creating forces and bring vitality and creativity to the clay. Lesley Cotter is an accomplished sculptor with a particular gift of unlocking the sculptural capacity in each student.

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Kristina Hamilton - Eurythmy
Kristina has dedicated her life to Rudolf Steiner's life-giving art of movement, Eurythmy, since receiving her Eurythmy diploma from Else Klink at the Stuttgart Eurythmeum in 1984.  As well as experience in performing and choreography, she has taught Eurythmy to children in Waldorf Schools and to adults for many years.  Kristina also has a BA with honors in English Literature and a certificate in Rudolf Steiner Curative Education.

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Anne Williams - Drawing - Textile Art - Elemental Anthroposophy

 Anne Williams is an experienced teacher and artist exploring drawing as a means to developing a deeper understanding of what lies behind sense phenomena

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Jennifer Kornberger-   Painting - Drama 

​Jennifer Kornberger is a published poet, playwright, artist and teacher. She co-founded the Goethean Studies Programme and The Writing Connection. Jennifer wrote and produced five festival dramas and received an Australia Council Literature Grant to develop her second book of poetry. Jennifer is a founder and co-director of Creativity Consultants Worldwide.  

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Horst Kornberger - Anthroposophy - Epistemology - Goethean Science - Speech & Drama 
Horst Kornberger is a writer, interdisciplinary artist and adult educator with a passion for Anthroposophy and a love for Waldorf education. 

He is the author of three books: ‘The Power of Stories’, ‘The Writer’s Passage’, and ‘Global Hive’. Horst is a  co-director of Creativity Consultants Worldwide and lectures internationally on themes of education, creativity, ecology and the use of the imagination as a healing and community building tool.

More at www.horstkornberger.com and www.creativityconsultantsworldwide.com  

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