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Stefanie Aurig,

singer, singing therapist

and music therapist,

An Introduction to

Therapeutic Singing

A three day workshop to explore

the power of the voice to activate self-healing.

Perth -    18th, 19th and 20th of January 2019

Melbourne -  11th, 12th and 13th of January 2019 

Therapeutic singing supports inner balance of the whole human being

at a physical, emotional & spiritual level

Based on the 'School of Uncovering the Voice'

Developed by Valborg Werbeck-Svarsdom in collaboration with Rudolf Steiner

•    Work holistically to strengthen and 'liberate' your voice

•    Experience the intrinsic healing qualities of vowels, consonants and musical  phenomena

•    Explore mindful movement and voice exercises for attentive  listening and deepened, relaxed breathing

•    Easy to learn songs and exercises which lead to artistic singing

•    No experience necessary – all are welcome!

When        18-20 January

                    9am - 5pm

Where        Solaris Cancer Care, Cottesloe

Cost            $300 Early Bird ( before 1st December )

                     $450 Standard rate 

Individual sessions     $80

Contact      Shamara 0410 386 292

Stephanie Aurig is from the Raphael School for Singing and Singing Therapy

which basis it's work on The School of Uncovering the Voice


Valborg Werbeck Swardstrom established The School of Uncovering the Voice in collaboration with Rudolf Steiner. The approach fosters the growth of the human voice in its wholeness of physical, soul and spiritual aspects. It supports the holistic integration of the human being

The Raphael School  works to enable the students to learn how the singing voice can become a therapeutic tool and how singing can serve as an anthroposophical's therapeutic modality that address the development of all aspects of the human being as described by Rudolf Steiner.

Stefanie Aurig, singer, singing therapist and music therapist since 1992, is initiator of the 1st English Language Training Course in Germany where she teaches voices development, phenomenology, therapeutic methodology and development of perception. She has been co-teaching in the German training courses for Singing Therapy since 2010, and since 2013 in the South American Course in Brazil.

Melbourne 11-13 January

Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School


Contact Michaela 0408 814 094