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A rich, in-depth exploration of Steiner Early Childhood Education.


Embrace the developmental stages of children between 4 and 7,

including theoretical, practical, artistic and inner work.


This course is for teachers, assistants, parents and carers.

We invite enquires from anyone interested in 

working and caring for young children. 


When              Starting with an Introductory Evening on the Friday 5th February

                          the course is part time over two years, 

                          for three terms each year. 

                          Per term, there are 8 Saturdays - 8.30am - 1.15pm 

                          and 1 Friday evening - 4.30pm - 8.30pm

Where             Perth Waldorf School, Bibra Lake


Cost                See below for details              


Enquiries      Jenny Hill


Course Content Overview

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Key areas of focus include

  • Child development based upon the picture of human development given by Rudolf Steiner

  • Movement, language and thinking in the first years

  • The development of the will

  • Protecting the senses

  • The seven life processes

  • Working with the imagination

  • Observation.

  • Music and the mood of the fifth.

  • Relationship to culture

  • The environment and natural world

  • Creative play

  • Imitation

  • Rhythm and routine

  • Celebration of festivals

  • Morning Circle.

  • Creative discipline

  • Parenting

  • Developmental difficulties and therapeutic approaches


Anthroposophical Studies

  • The spiritual foundations of the human being.

  • The evolution of consciousness.

  • Our own inner development and practice.

  • Biography, karma and destiny.


Creative and artistic work will include

  • Singing.

  • Storytelling and puppetry

  • Speech.

  • Painting.

  • Eurythmy.

  • Puppet making and simple dolls.

  • Movement activities, games and morning circle songs and verses

  • Lyre.

  • Seasonal and festival activities

  • Felt making

  • Plant dyeing

  • Creating imaginative environments with natural materials.


Experienced Steiner Tutors include: 


Paddy Frere, Jo Blundell , Anna Scott, Fiona McVey, Janet Happe, Rosemary Rowntree, Kaye Simpkin, Jenny Hill, Dale Irving, Anne Williams, Lesley Cotter, Paul Lawrence, Fran Rosenthal, Carolin Loos, Nicole Peterson, Julie Walton, Julie Williams, Victo- ria Roberts, Ute ten Hompel, Susanne Nitchkin.

Guest speakers if possible include : 


Patries Orange, Renate Breipohl, Lakshmi Prasanna, Lou Harvey Zahra, Michaela Glockler.


Coordinator and Core Faculty: Brief biographies


Jenny Hill , Coordinator. Jenny has been involved in in Waldorf Education since 1982 beginning her work with the first playgroups and 4 year old kindergartens at the foundation of the Perth Waldorf School. She completed Teacher Training at Emerson in 1992. Over the past 38 years she has taken up roles from Early Childhood to High School Drama, taught on the Foundation and Education courses for Rudolf Steiner College Perth and Grail Quest, as well as teaching storytelling in early childhood at Notre Dame University.  Her work has included three years as Principal at West Coast Steiner School.  She has undertaken Teacher Evaluations and ‘Reflective Conversations’ with Waldorf Kindergarten Teachers. Whilst over the years Jenny has developed her own professional work in Storytelling and Speech, in recent years she has focused on professional development in Early Childhood.


Anna Scott. Anna trained in Foundation Studies and Early Childhood Education at Rudolf Steiner College Sydney in 1990. She has been a Kindergarten Teacher at Perth Waldorf School for 30 years and during that time was part of the initiating group of West Coast Steiner School. She has been active in ongoing study and mentored many teachers and assistants. Anna has been a WA representative for AARSECE and was part of the organising body of the Vital Years in Perth.She has particular interest in Bush Kindergartens, learning through natural environments and creative arts out of nature. She currently has a 5-6 year old mix.


Paddy Frere. Paddy studied Foundation Anthroposophy and Early Childhood on the Grail Quest with Gerry Josephson in 1995. Her vision from that point was to establish a Steiner Kindergarten, which she did, co-creating the foundation of Silver Tree Steiner School (STSS ) in Parkerville.
Paddy is a skilled and generous mentor currently working with the new school, Helena River Steiner School in Midland. Paddy has been teaching for 25 years and currently has a 3-6 year old mixed group. Paddy was a core faculty member of ’The Young Child’ training for pre-birth to three.
She is an active participant in ongoing professional development with a particular interest in writing new material in story and verse.


Jo Blundell Jo initiated the first Playgroup in the hills which was the foundation of the STSS.
She undertook studies in ‘The Grail Quest’ with Gerry Josephson in 1995 and since then has been a long standing foundation teacher of Silver Tree, taking playgroup and then Kindergarten. Jo has been part of ‘A Journey of Becoming’ with Lakshmi Prasanna and Patries Orange for the last three years and herself a lecturer on ‘The Young Child’ courses (2016 and 2018 ). She currently has a 3 - 6 year old mixed group.

Julie Vivian-Williams Julie was the foundation Playgroup Leader then Kindergarten Teacher at Yallingup Steiner School (YSS). She has been a kindergarten teacher and playgroup leader for 30 years, supporting and mentoring teachers in the south west WA . Julie is an Anthroposophical Class member. In 2019 Julie took up a long standing dream by joining Pacifica Eurythmy training for a year and now works at Yallingup Steiner School in Eurythmy inspired movement. She has a particular interest and expertise in story and puppetry. Due to distance Julie is unable to be present at all planning meetings but is an invaluable wise person in the team.

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A Certificate in Steiner Early Childhood Education upon completion of all assignments.

Additonal notification will be added for those who have also completed a practicum.

An Attendance Certificate in Steiner Early Childhood Education for those not wishing to complete assignments.

The course is not AQF accredited. All teachers in independent schools are required to be eligible for state teacher registration.

A three-week practice in a Steiner Kindergarten will be made available for students who have a prior state Early Childhood Teaching qualification, an accredited Assistant qualification or in consultation with RSC and Early Childhood Departments. This must be undertaken between 2021 and 2023.


Requirements for full Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education



  1. Attendance and participation in 2 year part time course. Minimum 85% attendance.

  2. Resource file – A compilation of songs, rhymes, games, circles, festivals, seasonal programs that students have accumulated and created.

  3. Personal Project – A research and practical project demonstrating the students understanding of Anthroposophy and Steiner’s picture of child development standing behind the Early Childhood Curriculum.   For example, the student may wish to undertake a puppet performance; create the puppets out of natural materials, tell the story and write about their understanding of why and how they would bring this story to the children. Or for example, create four pieces of art around the four lower senses and describe their significant role in the Kindergarten.

  4. Personal Reflective Journal – Each student will be required to create a personal journal with time being allocated for this reflection during the morning.  Students will also be required to reflect on reading materials and discussions in order to further their understanding and research. This may lead to the student’s own questions for us to work with.

        How do I become active in my own inner work?

        How can the Steiner Kindergarten work in a non-Christian culture?

        How can I develop a programme for an indigenous community?

        What types of healthy communications can I develop with colleagues and parents?

   5.  Kindergarten Observation – Minimum of three days in Year One

   6.  Teaching Practice – Minimum of three weeks in Year Two or Three.

   7.  Teaching practice report (teachers already working in a Steiner/Waldorf Kindergarten can supply a peer report provided by experienced EC teacher)

   8.  Written self-assessment of teaching practice.


To enrol please email Jenny for the Enrolment Form.

A place will be secured upon completion of the Enrolment Form and payment of the deposit.

Numbers are limited, so we are encouraging people to register before the end of November .

Fees Information


























NB: All term payments are due two weeks before the end of the previous term

There will be an extra fee of $350 per student in 2020 for those wishing to undertake the teaching practice.

Payments are now open through TryBooking.

You can book and pay the deposit here.

RSC Perth will remind you when balance of payments are due.




Cancellations before 11th of January will receive a full refund, apart from $200 non-refundable deposit. Later cancellations up until the 13th of February 

will be refunded 50% of the term fee.

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