The Teacher as a Healing Force  

 with Louise de Forest

 Five Day Intensive July 10th - July 14th


In this intensive the renowned Steiner educator Louise de Forest will lead you into the heart of Steiner Education where the deepest healing forces of our time are found. Louise will show how teachers ( as well as parents and caregivers ) can create sanctuaries of health in community. In this rejuvenating week you will explore the inner and outer practices that meet the real needs and pre-birth intentions of the young child today.


When            July 10th - July 14th, 9.00am - 3.30pm

Where           Perth Waldorf School, Gwilliam Drive

Cost               $620

Enquiries     Jenny Hill



Louise will be looking through the lens of

“The Teacher as a Healing Force”.

Her lectures will focus on:


  • Supporting the life senses: an esoteric focus on wellbeing.

  • Sleep: the spiritual world and regeneration.

  • The meditative life of the teacher and carer.

  • Understanding the so-called “difficult child”. Looking beyond behaviour to see the inner being. and the pre-birth intentions of these children.

  • Healthy collegial relations.


The mid morning sessions

In the mid morning session Monday through Thursday there is a choice:


  • Eurythmy will focus on the exploration of the circle as well as including work on the consonants and vowels.

  • Embracing Nature in the Kindergarten and for ourselves with Heidi Halter
    Day 1 Becoming aware of our own pre existing values and judgements without being  critical of ourselves.  Where do we stand in relation to that which comes towards us?   Understanding our Sympathies and Antipathies through observing our reactions to different plants.

  • Day 2 Developing conscious, objective thinking through physical observation exercises of individual plants. Seeking the truth of that which stands before us.

  • Day 3. Expanding our conscious thinking to include the 'mood' of the micro environments in which chosen plants live. Awakening to the harmony or disharmony without being affected.

  • Day 4 Experiencing sense of place in various environments. Consciously allowing the environment to speak to us through intuition. 

The afternoon sessions

In the afternoon there is a choice

  • Working with “living thinking” through the text of Theosophy. 

  • Working with our hands. Experiencing and learning about the will. We will create two beautiful felted pictures with seasonal colours using a dry felting technique that you can take back for your kindergarten table or nature display. We will also explore the intention behind craft in the kindergarten.

Louise de Forest


Louise de Forest has been a Waldorf kindergarten teacher for many years and is now an international educational consultant. She is respected for her work as a lecturer, teacher trainer, and mentor.  Louise was Pedagogical Director of the Early Childhood Programme at the Rudolf Steiner School in Manhattan and the teacher mentor at the New Amsterdam Early Childhood Centre. She is a Board member of WECAN (Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America) and is one of two representatives of North America to IASWECE (the International Association of Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education).