The Divine Plan: 

The Work of the Spiritual Hierarchies in the Planetary Incarnations and the Human Being.

A Workshop by Philip Quenby with Eurythmy presented by Nicole Peterson

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In this far-reaching yet focused course over 3 Sunday mornings, we will take a deep look into the hierarchies of spiritual beings guiding us, examining the tasks and characteristics of each of the nine levels of beings in turn.  We will learn about their individual and collaborative work in the planetary incarnations of our Earth, as well as in the ongoing development of the human being.  We will come to see that as human beings we are part of a Divine Plan which the hierarchies of spiritual beings are working to fulfill.  As the course will develop over the three sessions and have a balance of thinking, feeling and willing, discussion will be supported by the practice of Eurythmy during each of the sessions.

Dates: 22 May, 12th and 26th June 2022

Time: 9.30 am – 12.30 pm

Cost: $225 std / $200 conc / $250 pay-it-forward **

Venue:  TBC

Enquiries:  Dale at:

Closing Date for Bookings: 15th May 2022



*For those working towards the Certificate in Anthroposophical Studies: 2 credit points.

** Pay-it-forward pricing option on the booking platform enables ‘those that can’ to pay a bit more to allow RSCP to offer concession rates.

Philip Quenby

Philip has been immersed in Anthroposophy for more than 25 years and is especially passionate about meditation and the more esoteric aspects of spiritual science.  He has been heavily involved with the Perth Steiner schools, in the management of the Anthroposophical Society both in Perth and nationally, and in the School of Spiritual Science. 

Philip wishes to help anyone wanting to find their path back to the divine.

Nicole Peterson

Nicole loves to move.  She is a Canadian born, Perth raised Eurythmist.  Graduating from The American Eurythmy School in California in 2011, she then carried on further training and performance work in Anthroposphical arts in Switzerland, while teaching Eurythmy in blocks – here there and everywhere.        

Nicole  has a passion for how Eurythmy brings healing through social experience, listening and becoming present.