The Complete Leader

Leading with wisdom, compassion and integrity


A foundation course in leadership 

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This workshop is a condensed version of the 12-day program run over a year, for leaders, administrators, board members and parents of Steiner schools. It is aimed at developing a culture of broad-based leadership, initiative-taking and collaboration in schools. The workshop includes a lively mix of interactive exercises and experiences, dialogue and conversation, the use of artistic media, input of appropriate concepts, review and evaluation, and personal integration of the learning. Topics covered include:

New leadership perspectives: Understanding the difference between leading and managing; How leadership has evolved over time; Emerging concepts of leadership; Enabling people to discover their karmic and developmental challenges, and to give expression to their will, out of their own ‘ethical individualism’; The planetary model as a tool for understanding and working with leadership, management and group dynamics. 


Building co-operation and collaboration across the organisation: Understanding social and anti-social forces; Building interpersonal skills; Working creatively with group dynamics; Facilitating healthy dialogue and valuing diversity; Building co-operation and alignment across groups to transform adversarial relationships.


Building a resilient organisation: Organisation diagnosis; How organisations develop; Creating a culture of co-operation and trust, which fosters open communication, constructive feedback and the healthy exchange of perceptions, insights and ideas; Leading change and managing transitions.


The inner path of the leader: Understanding your current phase of life and your questions and challenges regarding leadership; Growing your confidence, assertiveness and personal power; Building emotional, intelligence; Facing personal transitions and crossing thresholds; Charting your personal leadership path.



 The workshop is facilitated by David Liknaitzky, who has 30 years’ experience as an independent organisation development consultant, based on an anthroposophical foundation. He lives in Melbourne, and runs spiritatwork (, a consultancy that empowers and coaches leaders to think creatively and strategically about leadership, and to build ethical and collaborative workplaces in which people can bring their whole selves to work and meaningfully take initiatives and make contributions that matter to them. 

David’s children all attended Steiner schools, and he has had a long-standing involvement with the Steiner school movement, working with many schools around Australia and in other parts of the world, as well as other anthroposophical initiatives. He has also consulted extensively to commercial and industrial organisations, and founded a not-for-profit youth development organisation, the Youth Empowerment Network.

David’s education and qualifications include a Master of Arts in Professional and Applied Ethics and he is currently undertaking research in trust-based leadership towards a PhD at the University of Melbourne. He is a Professional Support Panel Member of Steiner Education Australia, a Fellow of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, and a member of Australasian Facilitators’ Network.

Where     Silver Tree Steiner School      

                  695 Roland Road 

                  Parkerville, WA 6081

When       22 – 24 September 2018

                   8.45 for 9:00am – 4.30pm each day

Cost          $ 660 

Teas will be provided; Participants provide their own lunches.

For more information contact:

Susan Thomson, Interim Education Coordinator, Silver Tree Steiner School:

(08) 9295 4787;

or David Liknaitzky, spiritatwork: 0415 529 120, 

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