Term 1   2022


Cow horn preparations 500 & 501

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Term 2   2022
Biodynamics: Composting

Exploring the elements Through stitch

The Divine Plan: The work of the Spiritual Hierarchies in the Planetary Incarnations and the Human Being with Eurythmy

The Seven Learning Processes:

Tools for Understanding


Term 3   2022

Working with the Calendar of the Soul:

a writing practice for deepening connection with nature & the cosmos

Destiny Learning:

Karma, the Double & the Freer Deed

Reincarnation, Karma, Destiny & Fate

with Clay Work & Painting

Sound Moves - Eurythmy


Cow horn preparations 500 & 501

Working with the Fifth Secret

& Associative Economics:

Meeting the Devil’s Grandmother,

the Man in the Bearskin Coat,

& the Woman with the Silver Hands

Exploring Anthroposophy - and the art of being human


Exploring Anthroposophy - and the art of being human’ is a series of short courses, weekend intensives and half-day workshops for those curious about the work of Rudolf Steiner and its relevance in the world today.

Each module can stand alone for students with a particular interest – simply book yourself into any that pique your interest.

However, for those wishing to develop a broad and deep understanding, it provides the opportunity to build towards a Certificate in Anthroposophical Studies that will bring purpose and insight to students’ lives.


By completing 200 hours of course work during the next three years, 2021 – 2023, you will encounter key concepts, artistic experiences and inner work that will provide a foundation in working further with Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy. This may be on a personal level or in work in Waldorf education, Anthroposophical health, counselling, Biodynamics or any of the other fields where Steiner’s insights have created fruit.


Each module offered in the Exploring Anthroposophy series will contribute to this foundation and if you wish to gain the Certificate in Anthroposophical Studies you will need to enrol in enough modules.


Modules will generally only be offered once throughout the three years, with the exception of certain inner work or artistic courses where numbers need to be limited in order to allow for individual and group activity and discussion.

Our aim is to offer approximately 30 – 35 hours of course time in 3-4 different modules each term in Terms 1, 2 and 3 in each of the 3 years.


Our courses cost around $25 per contact hour plus materials. We offer the opportunity to ‘pay-it-forward’ for anyone whose financial means allow for paying slightly more than the course fees. This in turn will enable Rudolf Steiner College to offer concession fees to others. These options are available on the Humanitix payment platform.

If you wish to join the Rudolf Steiner College mailing list, please email