The Seven Learning Processes - Individual and Collaborative Tools for Understanding

A Workshop presented by Dale Irving
NALMA (New Adult Learning Movement Australia)
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The Seven Learning Processes provide a new framework for exploring challenges, making decisions, and just meeting everyday life!  The processes of Observing, Relating, Digesting, Individualising, Practising, Growing New Capacities, and Creating provide a framework that will enliven and deepen your understanding of a situation and open a doorway to the new.  It is a framework that can be applied to one’s deepest, most personal decisions as well as to larger group decision-making, allowing all voices to be heard.

Date: Sunday 15th May 2022

Time: 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Cost: $40 std / $35 conc / $45 pay-it-forward **

Venue:  Wadkins House, 59 Railway Parade, Mount Lawley

Enquiries to Jill at:

Closing date for bookings: 8th May 2022



* For those working towards the Certificate in Anthroposophical Studies: 2 credit points.

** Pay-it-forward pricing option on the booking platform enables ‘those that can’ to pay a bit more to allow RSCP to offer concession rates.

Dale Irving

Dale Irving was involved in drama teaching and arts’ advocacy in public education settings for 45+ years and retirement has allowed her to explore Anthroposophy.  Dale trained in Biography Work with Karl-Heinz Finke (2014-2016) and in 2019/20 undertook New Adult Education training in Canada.

Inspired by the work of Coenraad van Houten, the New Adult Learning Movement provides accessible processes for spiritual development.