PURE FORMS: Born out of the Hand
(note, bookings close 18 August)

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With Lesley Cotter


‘What use is nature shining before your eyes, what use are all those art works around you, if creative power does not lovingly fill your soul and flow into your fingertips to shape new works of beauty?’       Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Experience the form-creating forces that live in each of us by exploring shapes through pure form modelling. 

As you work with the polarities of convex and concave, contraction and expansion, gravity and levity, spherical and angular, you will bring vitality and creativity to the clay.

Be surprised, delighted and enlivened.  No experience necessary.

lesley cotter

Lesley Cotter is an accomplished sculptor and works with sculpture to develop artistic perception, strong will and an understanding of form.

Lesley has a particular gift of unlocking the sculptural capacity in each student.

3 Sundays, 22, 29 August and 5 September 2021, 2-4 pm

at Perth Waldorf School

$180/$165 including materials

Enquiries to: janakucerova.rscperth@iinet.net.au

Bookings: https://events.humanitix.com/pure-forms

Closing date for bookings: 18 August 2021

For those working towards the Certificate in Anthroposophical Studies: 6 credit points