Lyre Making Workshop



In the past 25 years, lyre making workshops have been held for parents of children about to start the journey of lyre playing with their class teacher. Rudolph Steiner College Perth would now like to make this available for any parent or friend who would like to have lyre playing in their home. For those interested, we highlight some of the benefits of playing the lyre for both adults and children.


As parents, we used the lyre at home for our young children. Apart from playing while we were singing, we would use it to console our children/babies if they had a bad dream for example or were simply upset. I found the sound of the lyre so special, so healing and noticed the harmonising and soothing effect it had on them. Later they too learned to play the lyre.


As a class teacher, in addition to the above, I also found that lyre playing in the classroom improved listening skills to the point that it helped those who could not sing on pitch.


It is for these reasons that Rudolph Steiner College Perth would like to organise a lyre making workshop run by Judy Gray at the Perth Waldorf School for those who would like to bring the magic of the lyre into their homes. This workshop could be possible in October/November this year.


We need to know the number of participants in order to organise the buying of the wood, strings, tuning pins etc. A small preparation group then has to cut and shape the wood in order that you can make the lyre in 4 half-Saturdays tutored by Judy Gray, with some rasping, sanding and oiling to be done at home.


When                 November 2019.

                             To secure a place in this workshop please book by

                             the 25th of May in order for us to source the materials.


Where                Perth Waldorf School, Gwilliam Drive, Bibra Lake


Tutors                Judy Gray and Titus Witsenberg       

Fee                      $350    


Information      Titus Witsenburg,  9310  3657


Coordinator       Jenny Hill

 Places are limited to a maximum of 15 and minimum 12.