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This 3-week course will be offered again in 2021.

Introduction to Anthroposophy

Many people hold questions such as 

Who am I? Where did I come from? 

What is the purpose of life? 

Many people hold these questions dearly as an essential need of life.

Google doesn’t have the answers.

Nor does this three-day course pretend to have them. 

However, in this course you will learn tools and techniques to help uncover the answers you already carry deep within. All the answers are there. 

Anthroposophy provides a refreshing shift in thinking, one that is so needed in the world today. Anthroposophy has inspired extraordinary new approaches in education, medicine, farming, economics, religion and more. 

What is Anthroposophy? Anthropo ‘of the human’, Sophia ‘Wisdom’. Anthroposophy is your own innate wisdom. 

In this course, we will look first and foremost at the Human Being. The question ‘What is the Human Being?’ will be the starting point of many deep conversations, and rich creative experiences through singing, drawing and painting. We will explore the Human Being as spiritual / material; thinking / feeling / willing; physical / etheric / astral / ego, and more. We will tap into our own innate wisdom.