Colour as Meditation


A soul journey into colour


Sharon Clifford


Colours have unique ‘soul gestures’.  Using wet-on-wet watercolour painting we will challenge ourselves to work with them objectively.  We’ll discover colours individually then explore them in relationship, weighing and measuring, with a focus on harmony and balance.   Here we develop a feeling for the true nature of colour as described by Rudolf Steiner.  This enables awareness of our own soul realm and provides an opportunity to bring harmony and balance to it.  No experience is necessary


Sharon is an artist, teacher and a dedicated student of colour.  Sharon has trained at the Goetheanum and is inspired by the endless interactions between colours and their connection with the astral realm & our soul life.  


When.                  4 Saturdays, 6 - 27 March, 1-3pm.

Where.                Class 7 Room, Perth Waldorf School.  


Cost.                    $245 / $210 conc, includes all materials.