Working with the Calendar of the Soul

A writing practice for deepening connection with nature and the cosmos

A Workshop presented by Jill Whitfield

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Artwork by Anne Williams

“…the soul bears a yearning to participate in the world's journeying…”                                                                                                                                          Rudolf Steiner

“The Calendar of the Soul”, a sequence of 52 verses, was offered by Rudolf Steiner as a way for us to participate in the week-by-week changes that unfold in the life of the year.   

Working with poetic images evoked by this calendar, we will write our way towards a deepening personal connection with the changes in light and darkness, the plant world, and all life that surrounds us.


                            A workshop for anyone who enjoys writing from the heart.

Time: 3 Saturday afternoons 1.30 – 4.30 pm

Dates: July 23rd and 30th, August 6th 2022

Cost: $225 std / $200 conc / $245 pay-it-forward **

Venue: TBA

Closing date for Bookings: 16th July 2022


Enquiries to Monika at:

*For those working towards the Certificate in Anthroposophical Studies: 9 credit points

** Pay-it-forward pricing option on the booking platform enables ‘those that can’ to pay a bit more to allow RSCP to offer concession rates.

                                                                                JILL WHITFIELD
Jill Whitfield has been a seeker of wisdom ever since she can remember, always with the aim of embedding understanding in practical everyday life.  Formerly a class teacher at West Coast Steiner School, she has found enormous insight and inspiration from working in a writing group with the Calendar of the Soul for the past 3 years.