BIOGRAPHY WORK:   Charting your life phases

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Life is itself a path of initiation which becomes more meaningful when it is lived in full consciousness, in a way that can be achieved through working on one’s biography.       - Gudrun Burkhard

Looking at life phases through Life Charting provides an objective view of significant aspects of your life, its patterns and repetitions.

The use of artistic activities from drawing to gesture work along with sharing conversations provides a nurturing and empathetic exploration of our septennials (seven-year periods) as we create a chart as an overview of major trends and events.

Bring lunch and enjoy good conversation in the break.  


Dale Irving (pictured below) BA, MEd, PhD studied Biography Work through the Sydney Rudolf Steiner College with Karl-Heinz Finke and completed training with the Canadian-based New Adult Learning Movement.


2 Sundays, 13 & 20 June 2021, 10am–2.30pm

at Helena River Steiner School

$225/$200 (conc) including materials and refreshments

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Closing date for bookings: 6 June 2021