Biodynamic Workshops


At Silver Tree Steiner School Parkerville

with Heidi Halter

Biodynamics is an holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming and gardening. Its esoteric concepts integrate scientific understanding with recognition of the spirit in nature.   Biodynamic practices have the capacity

to transform soil, plant & animal life; renewing and revitalising the earth and all who call it home.

Workshop 1: COMPOSTING
Learn the secrets of a living compost & how your compost should be transforming your garden. We will:construct a compost heap with easy to source materials, discussing how to maintain the health of the compost pile;
Introduce the essential compost BD preparations; each with their own special task; & Learn when a biodynamic compost is ready & how its powerful restorative forces will work in your garden.
Saturday 12 June 2021, 10am – 12noon.
$40 / $35 conc.

Closing date for bookings: 5 June 2021


Learn remarkably powerful yet simple activities you can do in your own garden or farm: the two essential Biodynamic preparations: 500 and 501.
Preparation 500 is the special soil-enlivening elixir that manifests powerful life forces. It promotes humus formation and plant health and development.
Preparation 501 is the warmth and light-enhancing preparation. It brings forces to ensure healthy growth and to strengthen plants against fungal attack.  You'll take both preparations home for your garden. Please bring two glass jars for storage.

Saturday 18 September 2021, 12noon – 2pm
$40 / $35 conc.
Closing date for bookings: 11 September 2021



For those working towards the Certificate in Anthroposophical Studies: 2 credit points per workshop.

Heidi Halter has been involved in Biodynamics for over 20 years, in Australia and Europe. What started as a 4 month sojourn on a Biodynamic farm developed into a passion and included 9 years as a biodynamic farmer in NSW. Heidi spent a year in Switzerland studying Anthroposophy (the basis of biodynamics) and the following year immersed herself in anthroposophy and biodynamics on Dottenfelderhof, a community farm and research and learning centre in Germany.