Certificate in Anthroposophical Studies

Course overview

Modules will be offered in 4 key areas over the course of the 3 years 2021-2023. 

  • Anthroposophy – Key Concepts

  • Inner Work

  • Arts/Artistic Practice

  • Anthroposophy in the World/Practical Applications

In addition, an Individual Project/Reflective Journal will form part of the course requirements.


These key areas incorporate the following:


Anthroposophy – Key Concepts

  • i. Life and Work of Rudolf Steiner

  • ii. Goethean Studies

  • iii. The Human Being

  • iv. The Evolution of Consciousness

  • v. Cosmology

  • vi. Christology


Inner Work

  • i. Biography work

  • ii. Practical Training in Thought/Meditation Practice

  • iii. Creative approaches to Inner Work


Arts/Artistic Practice

  • i. Eurythmy

  • ii. Colour Work – painting/pastels

  • iii. Speech & Drama

  • iv. Sculpture

  • v. Crafts

  • vi. Music


Anthroposophy in the World/Practical Applications
May include talks/workshops on various subjects including:

  • i. Biodynamics

  • ii. Waldorf Education

  • iii. Medicine and Health

  • iv. Architecture

  • v. Curative Work

  • vi. Threefold Social Order

  • vii. Moral Technologies

  • viii. Theory U

  • ix. Bothmer Gymnastics

  • x. Astrosophy